Hotel New Otani

Hotel New Otani in Japan

The Hotel New Otani in Japan is a luxury hotel with three buildings, The Main, Garden Tower, and Garden Court. The hotel has a variety of facilities including restaurants, cafes, a salon, a health clinic, as well as plenty of shopping opportunities.

A luxury floor embodying the spirit of Zen

There are 1479 guest rooms in The Main and Garden Tower. All guest rooms in The Main feature floor-to-ceiling full height windows that offer guests the chance to enjoy dynamic views.

outdoor pool

On the 11th and 12th floors of The Main are superbly relaxing and convenient “Executive House Zen” guest rooms. These guest rooms feature décor based on the theme of ‘wabi sabi,’or beauty through imperfection.

The rotating lounge

The hotel has 18 directly managed restaurants. Of these, particularly popular is “view & dining the sky” which was opened so that visitors to Japan coming for the Olympics could enjoy views of Mount Fuji, the pride of Japan, from Tokyo.

Enjoying cuisine created by Chef Patissier Shinsuke Nakajima

Using unique construction techniques, the restaurant makes a complete 360-degree rotation every 70 minutes.

Sweets at Hotel New Otani in Japan

Enjoying cuisine created by Chef Patissier Shinsuke Nakajima is a must-do for anyone who visits the Hotel New Otani. His creations are made with the highest quality ingredients and are not only beautiful to look at, but also offer happiness on first bite. The Super Series, which upturns commonly held ideas about patisserie, is particularly recommended

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